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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I love my virtual hair. Is it available on eBay?

So I wanted to see what lip colors would look best on me, given my light complexion (currently victim to pregnancy induced breakouts) and I've used Mary Kay stuff for years. I went on their site (I buy from eBay though. It's cheaper.) and stumbled upon a virtual makeover. I plugged in the colors I use and chose the lip colors I was curious about. Then I figured I might as well give myself the long hair I aspire to have again. What I got was this:
Wow. Forget the lip color! So a wig comes with my lip stick and gloss purchases? Perhaps a professional stylist at my beckon call? Because that would be the only way I'd ever get that kind of volume and body in my pin straight hair.

Oh well. A girl can dream...

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