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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My to-do list is quite colorful

So the infamous to-do list I talk about? Here ya go:
I did a screenshot in print preview mode so the text is far too teeny to decipher, but that's what I'm working with. The blank spaces are things that have been completed. I tried having the text be crossed out, but that was looking pretty busy and I didn't want to delete tasks altogether in case I wanted to view the list in its entirety later or if I accidentally deleted something I shouldn't have.
The colors represent dates that those tasks are getting done. The plain black text are the things that haven't been scheduled to be done yet or can be done anytime between now and whenever Kaelyn decides to make her appearance.
Yes, this is full-blown OCD, nesting psychosis. This fact is further confirmed by my to-do list by dates file.
Am I concerned about the sheer size of this to-do list? Yes, but I know we can get it all done. Actually, I've just added five more things. Yikes. It doesn't concern me as much as the wicked heartburn that's hitting me full force today. Why do I feel it both in my chest and in my back and why are there no Tums here?

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