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Monday, December 14, 2009

Attention internet shoppers...

I hadn't bought anything from in ages. It confused me with all their third-party sellers who charge ridiculous amounts for shipping and I could never find a coupon code. I like my coupon codes, people. So what could have lurred me back three times in a matter of a couple of weeks?

They have some pretty amazing deals y'all. Now you know this is serious because I never say y'all.

Exhibit A:

Baby Einstein Neptune Adventure Gym. The cheapest I've found this is $59 in-store. Babies R Us has it for $69. I just checked and Amazon has it back up at $49.99. With a 20% coupon in-store + tax, it would still have run me about $51-52. How much did this girl pay? $30. Free shipping and no tax.

Exhibit B:

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag. Every other store has it for $53. Amazon? $29 and not for a fluorescent pink or some horrible print. Now, I would have preferred getting free shipping, but it was through one of their third-party sellers. Still. The cheapest I could get it otherwise was $53 then 20% off with coupon so $42.40 plus about $46+. Ours? $35 delivered to our doorstep.

Exhibit C:

Boon Frog Pod. (holds bath toys and attaches to the wall) These things are all the rage on baby registries. Brady's brother and his wife Michelle have one for their kids, I got Carrie the Ladybug version for her baby girl. I've seen these at consignment stores at practically full retail, which is typically $26-36 + tax. Our frog pod is being delivered tomorrow (I ordered it last night) for $16 brand new, free shipping, no tax.

The thing I found with Amazon is be sure to look for the "Super Saver Free Shipping eligible" it on the left hand column when you have the list of products pulled up. Otherwise, if you get one of their 3rd-party sellers, you might have shipping cost sticker shock. Ignore the Amazon Marketplace links for the most part, stick with the ones sold and shipped by Amazon for the same reason.

Also, keep price-checking their site. As was the case with the gym, prices change. They run specials all the time. I randomly Google some of the things we know we need to buy for Kaelyn, just in case somebody has it on sale. Now I've started searching specifically on Amazon. The other thing is you have to spend $25 to get free shipping. Not bad when other sites insist on $100 before they offer the same thing.

Now, don't let the time frame for Super Saver shipping fool you. They are FAST. As I mentioned, I ordered the pod last night. It's being delivered tomorrow. Now that's service. They also ship things separately so you get them faster, but I like that they have shipping and delivery estimates.

The only quirk we discovered was when they delivered the Adventure Gym. The box was gigantic. The actual product took up about a third of the box. Not quite sure what that was about, but heck, we got it within a couple days. No complaints here.

...And no, I'm not being paid for singing their praises. Though if they would like to pay me, I accept cashiers checks and Visa gift cards.

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