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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Slightly new look

So I mentioned before that I'm not entirely happy with the look of the blog. Well, as a temporary solution, I updated the header. I think it shows more of the chaos ;) I feel like I should do a side-by-side and have you all pick out the differences like in a children's activity book, but I've done the work for you:

--I changed the flower in the girl's hair to one I'd actually have in my hair.
--While there's no way for me to give the bell-ay a makeover on this particular computer, I did give her flip flops. Not my color exactly, but they go with her outfit and flip flops are about all I'm wearing these days. (Funny thing is I think her feet look a little puffy, which makes me laugh. So appropriate for me.)
--There's a stork circling the neighborhood.
--It's not as tall so it doesn't take up the entire screen. The first blog should be visible instead of needing to scroll to even see the title.
--I added paw prints, which ring true to me because Budaj and Gracie like to wrestle and twice this week, Gracie has showed up completely covered in dirt.
--I added a little area of clovers for the Hubs, who's proud of his Irish heritage.

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