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Monday, December 28, 2009

Budaj, I'm so proud.

This would be in reference to my favorite goalie's awesome game on Saturday. 4-1 over the Stars. He made 40 terrific saves and earned the honor of #1 star of the game in front of a sold-out home crowd. It was great to see him being interviewed and cheered on by fans chanting "Buuuuu-daj" as he stood there just beaming. ::tear::

Yes, Anderson has been impressive (for the most part), but there's a special place in my little heart for Budaj. He's just such a likeable guy. He's hard-working. In my personal opinion, he's highly under-rated. I, not so secretly, hope he eventually gets bumped back up to starting goalie. The announcers have said it themselves--he's probably the hardest working guy on the team. He's the first to practice and the last to leave the ice.

Saturday's game had him showing off his flexibility, his speed, and his composure. At one point, he positioned himself absolutely perfectly to crisply grab a speeding puck out of mid-air that appeared to be inevitably heading to the back of the net. I hope Joe Sacco saw that. As I said, I hope he earns back the #1 spot so he stays put in Colorado, but I'd personally even be happy seeing him go 50/50 with Anderson for number of games.

Regardless of if that happens, it was a very well-played game by the Avs, led by Budaj. The win maintained their position as #1 in the Northwest division and #3 in the Western Conference. Also high in the ranks are our hometown Coyotes who just clenched their 9th straight win at home. Way to go boys!

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