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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does.

I tweeted awhile back about a coworker not realizing that I'm pregnant. I saw her a lot in the halls and was very clearly pregnant. The next time I saw her, she said "Oh yeah, you look pregnant now." That was like 2 days later.

That's enough to earn her an eyebrow raise.

Oh, but, idiot coworker comes into the office to drop off a FedEx package. She peeks around the corner, doesn't say "hi" or any other common pleasantry. No, idiot coworker looks at me almost in disgust and says...

"You're BIG."
Me: ::thinking "ookay..."::
IC: "No, you're BIG. When are you due?"
Me: "March 3rd."
IC: "You have that far to go? Are you sure?"
Me: "Yeah. It's only about 2 months."
IC: "And you're this BIG already?"
Me: ::glare::
IC: "You're sure you're not having twins? You're really BIG."

She then proceeded to tell me how she knows someone whose wife thought she was only having 1 baby. She had 3.

I asked her when this was.


Thank you. Now go away. If I weren't propping up my poor Shrek feet under my desk, I'd give you a nice kick in the arse to help you out the door.

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