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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update: Missing Jump Drive (AKA: Brain)

Both Target and doctor's office haven't seen it.

Remember those print preview screenprints I posted below of my to-do lists? I have the image files, which I've printed. They are unbelievably blurry, but fairly readable. (Though I may need a stronger contact lens prescription afterwards.)

I think I have backups of my recipes on the laptop at home. Those I could find again online.

I am not happy at all about my writing being so vulnerably exposed. I am also not happy that the master announcements list (which I recently updated with current addresses) is only on the jump drive.

I also want my other OCD-ish t0-do lists, purchase savings lists, etc. back. I don't have backups of those, as those were more recent obsessive developments.

To allow my mind to settle, I am trying to convince myself that I will stumble upon the drive when I get home. If someone found it, honestly, they probably have no interest in anything on it. There's no banking info, no social security number, nothing like that. They'd probably toss it or empty it and use it themselves. (Which really kind of irks me, but anyways...) If I do find it I will be embarrassed at my airheadedness, but I will be so relieved I won't care.

Now, to give you an idea of my mindset last night, I was talking to Brady on my cell phone in Target. I keep my grocery and Target lists on my cell phone's notepad. Mid-conversation, I wanted to know if I had forgotten anything on my list before I headed to check out. I frantically started shifting things around in the cart wondering where on earth my cell phone had gone.

Yeah. It's that bad.

I'm fine. Really. Just mad at myself.

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