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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The infamous to-do list.

So the to-do list is less scary. Just basic stuff left really. I feel a lot more comfortable with what's on there, that if most of the things don't happen to get done, I won't mind.

In my total movie geek manner, I think of the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the green faced Wicked Witch of the West simply gets splashed with a little water and starts combusting before our eyes. "I'm meeeelting..."

Yes, that would be the to-do list. It's a tiny version of its original form and it's lost a lot of its power on me.

(Going back to the Wizard of Oz reference, I always found the flying monkeys to be far more intimidating than the hunched over witch, for the record. But that, you know, is--oh look, shiny object...)

ANYway, so this is a pretty monumentous occasion. I think I'm to the point that I feel ready. Scratch that. I feel ready enough. No one can be completely prepared to embark on parenthood. Or childbirth. Tip: Do not read people's accounts of recovery from labor soon before you yourself are going to go through labor. Your body is going to go through a lot. Come on, she's the size of a honeydew melon for crying out loud. One can't be expected to go skipping out of the hospital.

35 days until my due date. She could come anytime though. Anytime after 37 weeks, that's a welcome idea to me. So as soon as 14 days or as many as say, 49, but I'm getting the impression it'll be sooner rather than later and I'm going to get to meet our little girl. I'll be a mom. We'll have a daughter. Wow, wow, wow.

Most of the remaining to-do list is just to finish decorating, do some cleaning, and get the last of the essentials. Our first batch of Nubunz all-in-one cloth diapers is set to get delivered this week. We have a couple of Amazon orders coming our way as well, including Soothie bottles, which evidently are hard to come by in stores, but get high reviews. Hopefully Miss Kaelyn likes either those or the Dr. Browns we already have. I'll inevitably continue to nest a bit and get things organized, but I'm hoping to get some laid back days and weekends in. We have a hockey game night planned w/ friends. We have a sudden abudance of movie passes as well. Hopefully there are some movies coming out we actually will want to see. Other than that, I'd like to leisurely finish things up in the nursery, get some more freezer meals stored away (we had our first freezer meal reheat last night and it was yummy, not to mention easy so so far, so good!) and relax otherwise, if that isn't too tall of an order.

I definitely feel a lot better. More prepared, less...neurotic? Is this the same calmness that washed over me the day of our wedding? Ahh, that would be nice. In any case, I feel relaxed and more like myself.

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