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Thursday, January 14, 2010

One of THE most important things on my to-do list...

Draft one of my 4-day work week proposal is DONE.

Now I shall just sit on it a few days, look back over it, have the Hubs take a gander at it, decide on what would be an effective format/presentation (besides bribery items, which are a given), and revise and edit what I need to.

::deep breath::

I think even with the first draft, I've totally sold the idea. I hope.

Good thoughts, please. I've said it before, but I emphasize now how having this approved would mean the world to me. Having an extra day off during the week would allow me to have a dedicated day with Kaelyn. That's the number one priority of it. It would also give me the chance to stay more caught up on household stuff. It would mean less stress. It's one less day of working a week. That's HUGE. With my proposal, it really only works out to be one less day of being paid a month. The benefits for me clearly outweigh the monetary sacrifice.

Alright, back to the grind. At least I've got a good start on the final product. Any tips or suggestions to sell this idea are appreciated!

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