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Thursday, February 4, 2010

36 week letter

Dear Peanut,

It's been so long since I wrote you a letter. I guess I get to talk and sing to you all day long so it doesn't seem necessary. We've also been so busy getting ready for you. Your nursery is looking fantastic. It's neither boyish or girlish, which is perfect to me. Plus there's a giant polar bear in there and that obviously adds to the cool factor. I love just standing in your room, especially at night. I can hardly wait to rock you to sleep. I can hardly wait to show you your daddy's photography on the walls, as well as the little wall quotes/art I made especially for you. Sweetie, I can hardly wait to meet you.

You know, earlier in the pregnancy I told you how much I loved you already, but baby girl, that doesn't even compare to how much I love you now. I absolutely adore you and gush over you already and you're not even born yet. I can only imagine how much this will continue to multiply once you're here. We already know Daddy's wrapped around your little finger and there's probably very little trouble you could cause that you couldn't get out of by batting your little eyelashes, but I'll tell you a little secret. Your momma's admittedly wrapped around the other pinky finger. I just want to snuggle with you and kiss your little toes and your little cheeks and I wouldn't really consider myself a lovey dovey, mushy type of person to start. Thinking about just spending time with you makes me happy.

We get to see you today, at least on an ultrasound. It's not the same as having you to hold, but it's been almost 10 weeks since we saw you last. I'm curious to see just how big you are now. They say babies don't move around as much at the end of pregnancy. Yeah, I don't think you got the memo. It definitely feels like you're squished, but you seem to either really want me to know you're all smushed or you're just trying to get comfy. You absolutely don't like anything touching the belly other than our hands, which seem to calm you. You will kick away the laptop, the Wii remote, and you're already trying to move mountains (or in this case, my work desk). According to the doctor, you're head-down and on auto-pilot, though I'm curious as to how hanging upside down all day doesn't give you a blood rush to the head. Hopefully you're still in that position though. I get the feeling you are. Literally. I don't think you've necessarily "dropped" into position like you eventually will, but it seems you're Mapquesting your exit route.

Alright, baby girl, as always, stay healthy, keep up the good work and I'll really get to see you soon.

I love you so much my little Kaelyn.


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  1. Oh Krysten, you are going to be a wonderful Mommy. I'm so proud. LM