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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coming soon to the recipes blog...

Today I felt inspired to get off the couch even though my voice is raspy and I'm still majorly congested. I figured standing would help me be able to breathe. I wound up in the kitchen using our wonderful new kitchen cart/island and made:

6 servings of pizza dough
7 belgian waffles
3 Schlotzsky's Deli bread loaves
2 calzones
2 chocolate souffles

Calzones are baking away, but they look rather tasty. I made my Schlotzsky's-esque sandwich for lunch tomorrow already. We used 2 pizza dough servings for the calzones, but have 4 in the freezer, the waffles are in the freezer, we'll see how the bread tastes, and the souffles will be devoured for Valentine's Day dessert. (I now know why souffles are so expensive. And well worth it considering the work that goes into them.)

In baby-related news, Kaelyn's been on the move lately. I definitely feel her getting bigger. My momma instincts have me predicting her to make her arrival in about a week. I have no experience on this whatsoever, but just my guess.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Your blog is so informative and clever. Can't wait to try most of your recent posts. I intend to stop by again!
    Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec! Thanks!!