Twinks Gets Fit...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sickie, sickie.

I am beyond miserable with this cold. Not only can I not breathe out of my nose, which makes me feel like I am suffocating, especially with pregnancy making it more of a strain to breathe voice is head is fuzzy...and now, my ears click when I talk. Marvelous.

But I am thankful.

For being able to leave in an hour, though 2 can't get here fast enough.

For my doctor's office moving up my appointment so I can get home sooner.

For the hot shower I plan on having when I get home...and for Budaj poking his head in the shower curtain to check to make sure I'm okay. He's such a lovable rascal.

For maybe being in the worst of it, which means it'll get better from here?? Hopefully??

For my grocery-shopping hubby who takes care of me when I'm sick.

52 minutes to go.

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