Twinks Gets Fit...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The kiddo has quite the wardrobe...

and while putting together actual outfits, I realized: She needs more. After all, I didn't buy those little pirate sneakers for nothing. She needs itty bitty jeans or something that can be paired with lots of onesies (not to mention the sneakers). She also needs more socks. Lots. Because those things are tiny and I'm lucky the middle component in the washer didn't swallow up the adorable little ballerina socks she got for Christmas.

I did, however, figure out three potentials (and now packed) for her coming home outfit. One is girlie and unbelievably sweet. It is pink and it is precious, complete with the pink pair of the aforementioned ballerina socks and a delicate pink headband.

Now, I swore I'd never strap anything with a bow or flower to my daughter's head, but I can see the satin against her dark hair and I swear to you, I very nearly squealed with cuteness overload. (I am convinced this heartburn is absolutely connected with the old-wives' tale that she has a full head of hair by the way. There must be a reason why I wake up constantly throughout the night feeling like my lungs, chest, and throat are being scorched.)

Appropriately, the other outfit is entirely Avalanche--long-sleeved maroon onesie with the team name embroidered on it with navy stripes, paired with navy pants, white Reebok socks, and an official Avs navy hat.

For good measure, I also packed a terry cloth sleeper that has feetsies built in just in case we decide to go with the quickest and least complicated clothing solution (not to mention with the fewest accessories.)

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