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Monday, February 1, 2010

A culinary voyage

I try to do meal planning, especially right now when I'm trying to pick and choose dinners that can be multiplied to freeze. It's really a tentative schedule though for a number of reasons. For one thing, my energy level is unpredictable. As is what particular foods will sound good on a given day.

I'm pretty stoked though to make a few things this week, including:

-Seafood pasta casserole. The recipe calls for imitation crab, but I plan to also add some salmon in there.
-Sloppy Joes. Oh yes, doesn't that sound...complex. Well, the recipe actually sounds quite delicious, but the other part is that I'm planning to freeze a bunch of these sandwiches so we can grab them for quick lunches. I've had pretty good luck so far w/ this kind of concept. Plus, who doesn't love sloppy joes?
-Calzones. If I lost you at "sloppy joes," surely you snapped back to attention at "calzones" because let's face it, they are delicious creations and I plan to make my own dough. I also am planning to make extra calzones to freeze, extra dough to have on hand, and I just got wind of an idea to make stuffed crust pizza. Yep, I have discovered active dry yeast and it no longer intimidates me. Isn't there a culinary patch I earn for that, sort of like Girl Scouts?
-While I'm at making pizza dough, I'll also be whipping up some more belgian waffle batter and cooking those to have on hand in the freezer. (It also calls for active dry yeast and an hour of patience to allow it to rise so it only makes sense to make it at the same time as the dough.)
-If I have the energy, at some point this weekend, I'd like to make up what I call "Breakfast Mess." Actually, I stole the name from a fabulous hot dog joint I went to growing up. It's basically a disorderly chaos of potatoes, sausage, eggs, provolone, peppers, onions--all around just yummy breakfast goodness. I want to figure out a solution where I can freeze it in individual portions for easy breakfasts.

Now, this all may sound a bit ambitious. It might even be a little ambitious considering I'm 19 months pregnant and all. I assure you, as I've discovered, it's not as time-consuming as I thought and even when it takes longer than the recipe says, it's sort of relaxing actually. I fully intend on claiming 95% of the upcoming weekend for rest and relaxation...and a date day/night w/ the Hubs that got postponed yet again due to the two of us being sickies this past weekend.

I'll post recipes as I come across winners, along with beauty shots of the final products.

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