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Monday, February 1, 2010

The to-do list and I might just be friends after all.

That or it seems the to-do list is very close to have served its purpose and will fail to exist anymore.

::deep breath, followed by enthusiastic and literal "round" of applause:: (I believe only the Hubs and his dad will appreciate the second part of that)
We are sooo close to being done with the to-dos, I am nearly giddy. Mainly just unbelievably relieved. Behold, the before and after:
The Before wasn't even the original. Some things had already been done and A LOT hadn't been put on the list yet.
...and NOW:
It's even deceiving because I could probably knock out a few of these tonight, should I feel inspired to do so. Half will probably be done this week and as I've said, I won't be terribly heartbroken, nor a "chicken without a head" should the rest of the list not get done. Yes, I'd like it all to be done, but we're good even if we don't. For example, I'm getting less and less convinced that the playroom needs to be done before she's born. We'll more than likely not have her out there much when she's so young anyways.
So there we have it. I might just survive the pregnant woman nesting psychosis after all...not to mention the condition's other victim, the Hubs, who will hopefully get out without a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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