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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goal rewards

So I came up with the idea of rewarding myself for reaching each milestone of weight loss. Yes, the weight loss itself is the best reward, but I want an extra nudge...because I'm reaching my goals this time. I also like the idea of the rewards being a reminder of my weight loss success.


1-Kickstart my self esteem (lose 14 pounds)...lost 3 total as of Monday.

2 new shirts...because I need them. Desperately.

2-Pre-pregnancy weight (lose 9 more pounds)

$30 shopping spree. Because I am an addict. Framed black & white photo for above my Mac.

3-Wedding weight (lose 15 more pounds)

$50 clothing shopping spree

4-Psychological happy dance (lose 6 more pounds)
I already bought one necklace from The Vintage Pearl, which is arriving today--WOOHOO! I would also love to get this one, though I love so many things in that store! I'd probably get this with Little's birthstone instead and her first and middle name on the name tag.

5-BMI number I like (lose 17 more pounds)
$100 clothing shopping spree

6-Psychological Touchdown, including celebratory dance and spiking of...well, I'll have to find something to spike (lose 12 more pounds)

Hire someone to come clean our house, which would be beyond wonderful OR...
Day at the spa. I mean, the whole day.

Total weight loss: 73 pounds

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