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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So here's the start of this "segment," I guess you could call it. Every Thursday I post a list of the things, people, etc. that I'm particularly thankful for, that make my life and world happier.

-Lunches with the Hubs and Little. Love.

-Smiles from Kaelyn. They warm my heart like nothing else in this world.

-Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker. Could not get through the mornings without my frappe. This appliance is one of the greatest inventions ever. Not to mention that we don't have to drop close to $5 per Starbucks. These are delicious too!

-Talents of Hubs & Pappy-in-law. They have mad construction skills and are always working on house projects. Currently, it's a storage wall-length bench in the dog's room. Next up: Elevated dog bowl holder and a front-facing book display for the playroom.

-A finished playroom mural. Amen to that. I love how it turned out, but good grief was it time-consuming!

-Getting errands done over lunches so I don't have to go after work--except today. Today is my lunch date with my hubby and baby.

-A short commute. This has made a HUGE difference. It saves me an hour a day.

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