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Friday, June 18, 2010

"Bad llama."

Yesterday wasn't a very good food day for me. Basically I can kiss my Weight Watchers flex points for the week buh-bye. I guess that's what they're there for and I think still being able to splurge every so often is good, however, it's easy to continue to splurge. So I need to learn discipline and get back on track, especially since my flex points don't get replenished until Monday.

The splurge? A breakfast burrito...and not a little one either. It was packed full of meat, cheese, potatoes, eggs, fat, calories, and sodium. 13 WW points worth. So all-around, not a great choice especially because with my daily Frappe, before 8:30am, I was up to 18ish points. (Thus the dwindling flex points balance.) Then for lunch, we went to Paradise Bakery and I just had to get my Chicken Walnut salad...on a croissant. Because it's sinfully delicious. Ugh. I opted for 1/2 sandwich and a small salad and I had water to ease my guilty conscience a bit, but still.

Despite my massive sodium intake yesterday, which my post-pregnancy body typically converts to some serious water weight really quickly, the scale still confirmed this morning I've lost weight this week. (I only report back with the weekly total on here on Mondays, but I turn masochistic and do weigh myself periodically throughout the week.) I was certain I had lost more though. I think I'll have to guzzle the water and see how that affects that number. I'd like to do another happy dance on Monday morning.

I have been good about taking the stairs, as well as trying to up my water intake and lower my soda intake (I've only had one this week), but there's always room for improvement. I also get a pretty decent arm workout playing airplane with Little. Particularly because she's about 15-16 pounds now. Still no formal working out happening. I suppose that's okay for now. I know I need to get some sort of routine established at some point, but for now I'll focus on simply moving around more, eating better, trying very hard to do better with portion sizes.

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