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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mommy brain.

Friday Mommy Brain moment #1: Every workday I have my pumping schedule and I even have reminders set in Outlook to remind me to go. I have reminders for just about everything. Anyway, on Friday afternoon, the alarm went off in Outlook, I grabbed my cell phone (to be able to call security so they could let me into a lactation room), my notebook and pen (so I can make up to-do lists), and trotted off. Ten steps later, I realized that I forgot the pump.

Mommy Brain moment #2: 5:03 and I sped out of the office, hardly able to believe that I managed to leave work 3 whole minutes late on a Friday when I had been anxious to leave since 8:02 that morning. I jogged down the stairs and speed-walked down the long corridor to the sweltering heat of the parking lots. I crossed the covered parking lot (for the big wigs) and the closest parking lot for the worker bees. It's the holy grail every morning to find a parking spot in that lot. Most of the time, I have to park halfway across the Sahara Desert. So that is where I trekked. Then it occurred to me as I stood confused in the middle of that lot without my humble little SUV in sight, that I hadn't parked there. I squinted to see it parked contentedly in the front parking lot.

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