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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No smoke monster allowed.

It looks a bit like the island on Lost, minus the "Others," plane wreckage, smoke monster, and polar bears. (To see polar bears, you'd need to step to the left into Kaelyn's nursery.) The best part? It's finished. It's been a "labor of love" for the past several weeks. I started it while still on maternity leave and have been using weekend time to get it done. This past Saturday alone, I worked on it from about 10am to about 7pm and finally finished it on Sunday. Now I'm so excited that the time we spend in here won't be spent painting the mural, but playing!

It's a bit empty right now, but will definitely be filled up with toys soon enough. We have plans to gradually fill it with a ball pit, a rocking horse (or puppy, which I found on Amazon), a slide, a table and chairs set, etc., etc. For now, here's Kaelyn's playroom! To start, here are a couple of BEFORE photos...

...and now, a little tour :)
It's a bit brighter, yes?
Looking at the sliding glass doors leading to nursery (left) and guest room (right). We put the paper lanterns from our wedding in here because Kaelyn loves to look at them! She has her own custom surfboard too...
Looking the other direction toward the nursery. See her macaw next to her door? I think I'll call him Hugo ;)
In this corner, we have a toucan! He's probably my favorite thing in the mural.
Another look at this corner. The Hubs hung up the stuffed animal net in the corner and is going to put another in the other outside corner. You may also notice a momma and baby dolphin swimming toward the beach...
Don't mind the step stool--it's not staying ;) Turtles!
Room with a view. You can tell how big this room is by how little Kaelyn and I look. I just got that toy organizer behind me (it's much bigger in person) yesterday--it's great for organizing stuff and clearing off the floor. Speaking of the floor, we got those foam floor tiles from They definitely make the floor a little more cushy.
We'll post more photos when we get the bookcase and other things in there. We're definitely looking forward to spending a lot of time in this room, particularly during the summer when it's too hot to play outside!

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