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Monday, June 14, 2010

Slippery slope.

I'm not gonna lie. Last week was not good. At least not food-wise, sticking to the program-wise. I'm the only one to suffer. 2 pound weight gain. It's probably water retention because I haven't been good about getting my healthy number of ounces per day, but still. I fell off the wagon, but not entirely. I visualize myself holding on by a rope bouncing around behind the wagon. Of course, I have very little upper body strength so I'd probably go flying off the rope and be left in the dust of the wagon (though I suspect this will change with how much Little enjoys playing "airplane). Tangent. Anyways, most of the things I did right the first week, I didn't do this past week:

-I didn't drink enough water. I drank probably 1/2 of the water I did the first week.
-I didn't eat healthy breakfasts. Some days I didn't eat breakfast at all.
-I didn't eat my fruits and veggies like I should have.
-I chose convenience over nutrition when being worn out from doing the playroom mural kept me from wanting to put forth any effort into what to eat.
-I chose to take the elevator sometimes when I easily could have taken the stairs, though I still took the stairs quite a bit.
-I didn't keep a very good food diary.

I'm taking a honest approach with myself on what happened last week. I'm not going to punish myself or go on a model's diet to make up for it. I can't change last week, but I can learn from it and do better this week and from here on out.

I did choose more wisely in some food decisions--like opting for the pita place for lunch instead of Paradise Bakery (where I would have gotten something yummy on a croissant), which I'm proud about, but because I didn't keep a good food diary, I didn't track Weight Watchers points so I'm not really sure what that looked like for the week as a whole.

I definitely find I feel better when I eat and drink better. So that's my goal for this week: feel better. I want that so-hydrated-my-skin-feels-tingly good. Have you ever noticed that? When you drink lots of water, it cools you down from the inside out. Considering how flippin' warm my new office is, this would be a good thing...which reminds me, must look for desk fan.

One of the things that kept me uber busy was working on the playroom mural. Not excusing myself--quite the opposite. If I had time to spend painting a 10x24 room, I have time to do some exercising at home. Maybe some Winsor Pilates to tone...or Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, if I have a death wish. Haha. I really want to do the Shred because I know I'll see some major league results, but I always seem to slink away from actually doing it. As soon as I get home, I just want to snuggle my baby and that leads to me settling in for the night. It's difficult to get pepped up to get up and workout after that.

So for my goals this week, I'm going to:

-Drink lots of water.
-Keep a food diary.
-Take 2 and only 2 passes to take the elevator per day.
-Start cutting out my evening Pepsi ritual. I think it's just a habit now. 150 calories a night x 7 nights= 1050 calories right there every week. 54,600 calories per year. 3500 calories in a pound so that's a potential 15.6 pounds in a year. Is a Pepsi a night worth that to me? Not so much. It's there so I drink it.
-Slip in a few workout sessions.

So I've experienced the New Year's Resolution phenonmenon. First week I'm gung-ho, second week I start to slip. I won't continue the trend though. I'm determined to make this weight loss goal a reality.

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