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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I like it. I love it.

The Hubs showed me how to use his digital SLR camera yesterday. I've become a little--er--photo obsessed since the birth of our adorable little girl. Like most new mommies, I don't just want pictures. I want good pictures of Kaelyn as she grows. So it was only natural that I ask my very talented hubby to give me a crash course. I had taken 2 photography classes before so the terminology was familiar, but I had just never really utilized the concepts and techniques. When she starts sitting unassisted (and when the average daytime temperature is not 3 digits), I'm sure I'll get better photos. Right now, Little has to either lie down or be propped up. I'm also learning tricks in Photoshop, but have to fine-tune these skills a bit. A few of the highlights:

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