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Friday, July 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

It's been an odd week, schedule-wise and I haven't had access to the blog lately, but I swear I AM thankful.

-A warm and fuzzy sweater and scarf to keep me warm in a freezing cold training lab.
-Finally being over my cold, thanks to all homeopathic sort of remedies. (This is a little outdated, but oh well.)
-Car washes.
-Cloudy, rainy days.
-Cool evenings and driving with the windows down.
-When Little goes from fussy baby to sleepy baby just by me holding her.
-Feeling like a smart cookie.
-Feeling inspired. (I plan to start the artistic part of a project I've had in the works this weekend.)
-A hard-working Hubs.
-Being able to take life at a slower pace, enjoy the smaller things, and not rush. (This is thanks to my beautiful little girl, who inspires me more than anything else in this world.)
-Genuine compliments.
-Successful multi-tasking.
-The nostalgia of CDs I haven't listened to for years.
-Having it good.
-Good summer shows that feel like summer/vacation. (Ex: Royal Pains)
-Cable-free weekends.
-Playing board and card games with the Hubs.

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