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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Month Letter (a week late)

My sweet Little,

You are a hoot. Seriously, kiddo, you have quite the personality and I never get tired of just watching you. You chatter away in the car now, which is hilarious. Sometimes it sounds like you say "Mama" and "Dada," but it's mixed with a whole lot of Baby-nese. You have the biggest smile and you're really into diving into my shoulder when you're being shy, though I doubt very much that you're shy in any way, shape or form. You don't laugh out loud too much, though you'll crack up when we dance with you or generally act goofy. You know, behavior that will get an eye roll from you when you're a teenager. You're in the "give me" stage where basically you want everything in our hands or anything in a few foot radius of you. You'll thrust your arms straight out in front of you and make a grasping gesture with your hands. Whatever you grab promptly gets stuffed into your mouth and covered in drool.

Despite this, you're mostly gentle with the dogs and when you accidentally flail your arm and poke one of them in the eye, they forgive you immediately. You're not quite so gentle with your mommy after you've insisted on coming into our big bed in the middle of the night. You frequently smack me in the face and a few days ago, you actually punched me in the eye. Twice. Even so, your daddy and I are proud of the fact that you're a scrapper. For the most part, things don't phase you. For example, you absolutely love water. Particularly running water. In your baths, I'll let the water run for you for awhile at the beginning and the end. Well, the other day, you were holding your hands under the running water and you decided to lunge forward. Before I could stop you, you conked your head on the faucet. OUCH. I expected a red face and a lot of tears, but no. You went right back to going for the water. I've noticed that about you. When you put your mind on something, there's not a whole lot that will throw you off course. Another bath moment was when I was helping you "float." Strong thing that you are, you kicked off of me and dunked yourself so that your whole face was submerged. Again, I anticipated tears as I pulled you back up and snuggled you close. Do you want to know what you did? You smiled. Widely. Then you turned back to the tub and started reaching for the water. (Oh and we now have a frog spout cover to prevent future head/metal like to gnaw on him and try to pull him off the spout.)

You've also got that rolling thing down, but you don't seem terribly interested in returning to laying on your back once you're on your tummy. You used to cry during tummy time. Now you'll just lay there and look around. Mostly though, you like to set your eyes on a toy to grab. You like the crinkly ones the best...or the ones with a lot of lights and music. You have a lot of toys already--the UPS man knows our house well. Your favorites right now are your soft blocks, your steering wheel/car (you have a bit of road rage to be quite honest), your sensory balls, and your drums. You also love story time. You'll watch me, rather than look at the book most of the time, which I love, but I'll also give you picture books that you'll actually flip through. You love looking at photos. One of your favorite things to do is hang upside down. You anticipate it now because everytime I'll say "Ready? 1, 2, 3..." and I can feel you preparing yourself for take off.

We've seen it before with you, but especially now, we can tell that you get bored easily. You want a different toy or a change of scenery all the time. You just want to take everything in, but it's like you know there is so much more to see. I love that. You have such an adventurous (and often times fearless) side to you.

It's amazing how much you've grown in 5 months. You and I were watching a couple videos from when you were only a few days old and really didn't even open your eyes much. You just liked to snuggle and sleep and coo. You were perfect as that itty bitty newborn and you're perfect now as the strong (and strong-minded), active, never wanting to sleep because you're afraid you'll miss something, chatty, and growing like a weed 5-month-old.

Your daddy and I just beam with pride at what a wonderful, smart, sweet, and beautiful little girl you are. (Oh my goodness are you a beautiful baby, too!) You make my heart happy, Little. I hope you know how much I love you. I'll give you a thousand smooches on your cute little cheeks all the time to make you smile, but also because I am simply overflowing with love for you.

"I love you, Stinky Face." "To the moon and back down to the dirt."


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