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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Because I just felt "off" yesterday...

McFatty Monday Part Deux.

Oh and I have good news. Yep. Check the ticker. ::points to bottom of page:: I'll wait.

Over 12 pounds lost. Just over 2 to go until my first goal is met (since I included that pesky number after the decimal point). This feels good. I'm also down a pants size. Granted, I have several pant/dress sizes to go until my ultimate goal--an estimated 6. Yes, 6. They say 10 pounds equals a dress size. I'm not sure if that necessarily takes into account hips and curves, which affect what will actually fit, but people, I don't remember when I wore that size last. It had to be high school. Sophomore, maybe junior year. Is that an unrealistic goal? I'm not entirely sure. I just know it's well into the healthy weight range for my height so it should be attainable, yes?

Now, until next Monday!

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