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Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank you, Ms. Bumper Sticker Lady.

So I was on my way to Costco, stuck behind a woman with a homemade bumper sticker (meaning it was printed on regular paper, folded and taped to her back window) that read: "Get off the damn phone!!!!" I agree with it, though I am guilty of driving and talking, usually w/ speakerphone. I didn't think the abundance of exclamation points was necessary, nor grammatically correct, but I was willing to let that go. I do wish there were a law against mixing cell phones and driving.

Anyway, then I noticed her left hand was entirely occupied by a cigarette, which she was holding out the top of her window. You know, to share the benefits of secondhand smoke and not fully stinkify her car's interior.

Yes, I judged her.

Then she chucked the lit cigarette into the most dried out desert shrubs I've ever seen.


So. In summary: driving and talking is not acceptable, but driving one-handed while smoking, then littering the hot, dry desert with a lit cigarette is completely fine?

Next time I'm making a citizen's arrest. I would have, but I really wanted to spend some WW flex points on a Costco hot dog combo.

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