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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

-Splash pools and that Little has a blast in hers.
-Feety pajamas. (For Little, of course.) It's almost an overwhelming amount of cuteness.
-Gracie's confidence boost.
-Upcoming vacation days. I am beyond excited for my couple of days off next week for starters.
-How Little's eyes get huge and she flaps her arms when I give her a toy or something she loves. She does this "gimmee gimmee" grab that's so adorable.
-The Furminator. You could make pillows out of all the dog hair these things collect. Not exactly hypoallergenic, but still.
-Lunch dates w/ the Hubs and Little. Always thankful for these.
-Talented sister-in-law who sent us the CD of edited photos from our family photoshoot (and was sweet enough to do the photoshoot in the first place!)
-A healthy baby girl in the making for R & R.
-Having a work buddy I can laugh with all day...well, on the days she's here.
-A mellow birthday and having it fall on a Saturday.
-Movie date solution w/ the Hubs and Little on Saturday. "It's soo FLUFFY!"

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