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Monday, December 13, 2010

What's the point?

Weight Watchers recently revamped their 13-14 year old points value system, trading points for Points Plus. Sounds fancy schmancy and honestly, I'm pondering an online membership, but the old system has worked well for me up until this point so I'm not sure about making the switch. Daily points allowances have gone up, but that also means food points have gone up depending on the chemistry of the food. The old formula only took calories, fat, and fiber into consideration. Points Plus looks at calories, fat, fiber, and carbs. Makes sense.

Aside from that, I was laid up with a case of food poisoning Friday so my weigh-in probably isn't entirely accurate. I will take it, however, since it's been consistent for the past two days when I've been back to eating (with the assumption that it could jump back up a bit this week.)

I've lost almost 34 pounds.

I thought that deserved its own line.

34 pounds.

34. In 6 months.

That rocks. No, it's not exceptionally speedy and it's downright unacceptable when compared to Biggest Loser expectations, but there it is. Almost 6 bags of sugar. Gone.

What'll make the difference now is getting back into walking/jogging w/ the dogs. They need it and I need it. I need to fit in exercise during the day. I need to track my points, whether they be regular Points or Points Plus. I need to not get lazy. (I need time. So, so badly.)

Why? To be healthy and to be honest, because getting to my goal weight will feel so unbelievably good. So often when I mention the Biggest Loser, I talk about how it's such fast weight loss, which in most cases isn't healthy (though some people need it to save their lives). I will say that it's an extremely motivating factor to see the difference, to see the confidence fill them, to see them do things they thought they couldn't. I'll tell ya, the stairs challenge they did to win a car was an eye-opener. 30 flights of stairs, up and down, 20 times. This is not easy. I can just imagine my legs turning to mush, but I think of it every morning when I get to work and I think of just taking the elevator. Then I think--are you kidding me? We're talking 4 flights of stairs here--get your butt moving. I don't quite have a real-life comparison to the marathon they just completed, but that too was inspiring. They were completely out of shape and they all finished 26.2 miles, even Elizabeth who was known for making excuses.

Another HUGE motivating factor? I'm 11 pounds away from a huge psychological milestone. Really, every goal is a great psychological milestone, but this one would put me below wedding weight, definitely fitting into my old, wonderful jeans. Actually this would be closer to the weight I was when I met the Hubs, maybe less. It would also mean I'd have 29 pounds to go, having lost 45--10 pounds away from 19, which seems so attainable. Every stepping stone is important.

I can do this. There's no quitting here and there's no going back. That wouldn't be a subconscious slip. That would be a conscious decision, as Bob said one episode, because I know what I need to do not to go back, I know what it felt like at that weight, but to go back anyway would be choosing to be that weight, choosing to feel that way. I'm at a point in my life that I don't want to feel crummy about myself--life's too short. There's too much crap in life to allow self-inflicted low-self esteem.

Look for that quote in the next edition of Bartlett's under my name. In the meantime, progress photos. I despise the shirt I'm wearing by the way. I don't find it flattering and I don't like how I feel wearing it so obviously it must go. I'm planning a shopping excursion very soon to spend my Nordstrom Rack Groupon and then this shirt along w/ its blue sister are heading to the donation bin. Also, I have a weird grin on my face, which believe it or not, was an improvement over the dumbfounded face I expressed in Take 1. If you stalk the blog regularly, you might notice an absent bandage from my steam burn. Well it's healing, but it still isn't pretty. Not to worry, after snapping this photo, I pulled on my librarian style sweater jacket as to not offend anyone.

Tall peeps--where do you shop for clothes??

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