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Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm in a hurry to get things done...

I like to title posts after lyrics and song titles...have you noticed this? Anyway, I had another productive lunch that went by way to fast--thus why I got back late. In no particular order:

1) got gas because one can only press ones luck with the gas light for so many miles
2) picked up the iMac from the Apple Store, which was PACKED. $238 later and the hard drive is replaced and double its original size. Hopefully this adds to its resale value as I am hoping to sell it and replace it with a shiny new laptop. Have I mentioned that mine has clamps and electrical tape holding the battery on? It also shuts off if the power cord pulls even slightly from its position, proving that the clamps and electrical tape are simply keeping a useless battery from falling off. Should I not be able to sell iMac for a decent amount, we will have to learn to love and trust one another once again. Counseling might be in our futures. (As iMac is currently tucked into my backseat, it would be a terrible day for someone to decide to steal my car.)

Oh and my hanging chad of a weight loss goal reward is going toward that new hard drive. It's practical, but I feel so--so--unrewarded. Oh well.
3) got Chick-fil-a. Think there's a connection between that and my McFatty post? Fear not, I got busy and skipped breakfast (which isn't really a great idea), but I didn't have to dip into my flex points too much.
4) I will preface this by saying that I'm not one for flashy jewelry and I think a lot of people are far too interested in carat size for the sake of showing off and a big chunk of diamond doesn't mean a happy marriage, etc. etc. That said and to risk sounding shallow, I love getting my wedding ring/engagement ring cleaned. The Hubs put a lot of thought and consideration into it, wanted it to be unique, and went for quality (it's just about the clearest, cleanest cut, most colorless diamond I can imagine), and I don't have the slightest idea how many carats it is between the main diamond and the band. What matters is that the Hubs wanted it to be special. Oh and the Shane Co. folks are fabulous. And when it comes down to it...

Look how sparkly! hehehe

Um, yeah. For a day or two following having it cleaned, I obnoxiously hold my hand out to catch the sunlight, office fluorescents, glow of the computer monitor...this is normal, yes?

Anyway, crossing my fingers the iMac doesn't have any further issues and hopefully the good people at the Apple Store were kind enough to reinstall Leopard for me, as the install discs are MIA.

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