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Monday, January 17, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

::cue really awful head bobbing and probable "white man overbite"::

Actually more than that, but it wouldn't make much of a blog title. I refer of course to pounds. And it's 1.5 pounds for this past week. It's a solid number--not a huuuge week by any means, but I'm really stoked about it for a few reasons:

1) It's progress.
b) Considering that mid-last week, I was planning on titling this about falling off the wagon with a twist on a horrible pickup line, I was pleasantly surprised to see a drop in the number on the scale.
3) I am over halfway to my ultimate-oh-em-gee-haven't-weighed-this-amount-since-junior-year-of-high-school-goal-weight.

Relating to #3, I'm a mere 5ish pounds away from wedding weight. I'm also about 15 pounds away from post freshman-10 weight. (That would be the scenario where yours truly goes off to live in a dorm with an on-site Chick-fil-a and pizza delivery at my beckon call--and delivered to my door within 5 minutes. Seriously. I think they circled the campus. There was also a really yummy hot dog drive thru joint not often seen west of the Mississippi.)

:gulps down drool:

I'm also about 25 pounds away from high school graduation weight. The last 10 after that is just for good measure and to get a good buffer.

37.5 pounds lost, 36.5 pounds to go.

This week I have a few confessions. Okay, two main ones.

1) I didn't do the ONE pilates workout I planned to do. I kept thinking early last week I should get it out of the way, but then I told myself--"But you have ALL week. You'll have time." Yeah. Last night, I was silently cursing myself.

2) I blew through pretty much all of my flex points in one sitting. On MONDAY. It was that social splurge. Philip came over to watch the Avs/Red Wings game, we got a Papa John's pizza deal (note: plain cheese does not compare to their 6 cheese blend), Pepsi, Doritos. I wasn't planning to eat the chips or eat too many slices--as I mentioned, the plain cheese is a little blah, but I wasn't feeling full and munching on something just goes so well with watching sports and trash-talking.  By the time the final buzzer sounded and the Avs claimed an overwhelming victory (wooHOO!), I was feeling remorseful, guilty, and the following day, I tallied the damage. At 7 WW points per SLICE, each heaping handful of chips about 6 WW points, soda about 3 WW points per can...I just about threw in the towel for the week.

I pulled it together, knowing I'd likely go over on points. Which I did. So how did you lose weight, you ask? Well, I learned that when I switch gears into maintenance (meaning I'm not trying to lose more weight), I get a minimum of 4-5 additional WW points per day. I try increasing by that amount for a week and increase until my weight stays about the same. So for last week, there were a couple of days that I went over by 1, 2, maybe 3 points, but even on those days, I burned more calories than I ate so I still lost weight.

I mentioned last week that my BFF Sherry and work partner-in-crime Deanna started WW. Time to check in with them. Well, one was having a hard time staying within her points, the other was having trouble reaching her points. Go figure. Sherry (the former) is sticking with it, despite dietary restrictions due to IBS and milk allergies, which her doctor now believes to be a gluten intolerance, and is already noticing a difference in how her clothes fit. She's also in the process of training for a half-marathon. Deanna has decided to go with a different weight loss program, just looking at calories rather than WW points. Both are still a big motivation to stick with it and keep going.

Okay, so 37.5 pounds lost since June. That doesn't take into account the weight I passively lost after Little was born. At this point, I've lost pregnancy weight + 15 pounds. Yes sirree, Bob.

This week, I'm planning to have a bigger week, follow my points a lot better, and be a grinning fool come next Monday. That's the plan, at least.

Goals for this week: 2 pounds+ lost. One Pilates workout. Get my water intake back up to where it should be.

Question: What are your thoughts on the BMI calculator? How does your personal "ideal" weight compare to the "healthy" BMI range?

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