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Monday, May 9, 2011

3 things that will make me speak in baby talk

1. Little
2. Puppies

..and #3? Well, I need a photo to elaborate:

Itty bitty turtles. I gushed over this little guy for the 10 minutes or so he was in my office. A colleague found his momma in her backyard last year and she's lived in her pool and grass ever since. Evidently the momma turtle laid some eggs. The pool guy cleared out all but the one that housed this adorable turtle...actually, she didn't even know the eggs had been there until after the fact and she had no idea one was left. (For my own sake, let's assume the pool guy transported those eggs safely to the zoo to join the colony of turtles that call the murky lakes home.) Anyway, she was fearful of him getting sucked up by the pool hose so she found a new home for him. The new turtle mommy was running late and my colleague had a meeting so I was turtle-sitting. Oh lordy, you should have heard me--you would have thought I was talking to a newborn...well, except for the part about saying how pretty his shell was.

I took the opportunity to picture message and totally mess with the Hubs asking if I could keep the miniature reptile. You see, he knows that had this turtle happened across my path without a home lined up already, I would have been setting up an ultimate turtle paradise in our house. And if you give Krys a baby turtle, she's going to want a friend to keep him company :)

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