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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A blur

That's what being Little's Momma is like--a blur of laughter, silliness, sleepless nights, teething, crankiness, splashes in the tub, digging in the dirt, seeing things in a new light, hugs, raspberries, new discoveries on a daily basis, balancing work and home, lovingly making every meal, having poopy diapers become a totally normal topic of conversation, kisses, refusing to get up to pee because she's passed out in my arms and desperately needs her nap, favorite toys, books, and stuffed animals, dancing and twirling, chasing a giggling toddler, burying my nose into her fine red hair, having my hair pulled constantly, exhaustion, singing goofy songs and dancing in the car, wearing her name around my neck, being absolutely certain I have the most brilliant kid in the history of the world, an eager little face standing at the edge of the crib in the early morning hours, baby chatter, and doing anything to see this little girl who brings such happiness to my heart smile.

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