Twinks Gets Fit...

Monday, May 16, 2011

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

Alright, maybe 2, but I'll pass. I started feeling off on Friday and I described the pain I was feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach. I wasn't crampy, just really sore. By Saturday, it was clear that all was not well with my stomach. This wasn't terribly surprising considering my couple of weeks of--er--"inactivity," but still not fun. I still don't feel well and as an extra added bonus, the slight nausea I experienced over the weekend is now severe nausea. Kind of like those 11-12 weeks of morning sickness when I was pregnant with Little. No reading between the lines there, people, I'm not going to speak in code if I'm going to make any sort of announcement. So what started off on Friday as an excellent weight loss week of just over 3 pounds turned into Biggest Loser sort of weight loss of 7.6 pounds.

Now, I'm not expecting all of it to stick for the long-term. I hope it does, but I'm realistic. I'm definitely dehydrated so a good amount is probably water weight. I tried to keep drinking, but the more water I drank, the more nauseous I felt. Not exactly huge motivation to hydrate.

I debated this morning, as it's my official WW weigh in day. I could change it, but how long do I wait to see where my weight levels off? So I plugged in my weight, got a star badge for my weight loss, as well as a brief lecture about losing weight too quickly, and fully anticipate a gain this week.

Weight loss since June 2010: 57.6 (An average of about 5 1/2 pounds per month)
Weight left to lose: 16.6

Wow, it's nice to see that number on the scale and to do the math that I only have 16ish left. It's a figment of my imagination, but it'll be nice to be there without the aid of a stomach virus. Not to toot my own horn, but something really cool I realized is that I'm below the weight I was when I met the Hubs even without the extra stomach virus weight loss. About 5 pounds less, 9 less if you include the weekend. I'm over 30 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight (which is a little embarrassing actually), and over 15 below wedding weight. Yeah, how do you like them apples? At my current imaginary weight, I'm about 6 pounds away from the weight I was when I was a junior/senior in high school. Stupid 17-year-old version of myself thought she was fat. If only I knew then what I know now. Interestingly, because of my age and the fact that I was an inch or so shorter, when I hit that weight, I will be at my skinniest ever. I can't really go any younger than that or else I run into the fact that BMIs for children and teens are calculated differently. It's amazing to think though that I'm sooo close to my lowest adult weight ever.

Now, before disaster hit my digestive tract, I was having a really good week, having lost just over 3 pounds by Friday. I revamped my WW plan, changing my settings to take points from my daily Activity points before my weekly allowance. The theory here is that each Activity point is worth about 80 calories. Each WW point is about 40 calories. Even if I blow through all my activity points, there's still a calorie deficit of 40. I also only allowed myself to use the activity points on the day I earn them, so no using points I earned on Monday on Friday, that way I hopefully bank some. Before, I wanted to preserve all the activity points. 3 pounds lost? Yeah, I'm over that. I think this method will definitely work for me.

I did have some splurges, which I have a right to have. I have the points to use, I account for the splurge, finito. Again, I will sing the praises of WW. It's really flexible and realistic. And no, I'm not being paid. I paid about $53 for 3 months back in February (having abused the free online resources w/ info on the old plan prior to that) and I believe in June I start paying $17/month. It's worth it to me and compared to some plans that cost upwards of $1300 + the cost of food, it's a drop in the bucket. WW takes longer, but (I've said it before and I'll say it again) it has me in real-life situations. I'm learning how to eat and what to eat. I eat normal food. If I want my mini red velvet bundt cake, I will have my mini red velvet bundt cake. (I had a serious sweet tooth, rare for me, on Wednesday, by the way.)

I will say, I needed a good week. I have a pretty good, positive attitude, but even so, it's really discouraging not to see a difference on the scale (and occasional weight gains throughout the week).

Mom T was nice enough to let me borrow her stationary bike so I could see if I'd actually use it. So far, so good. I was really good the first two days and then the week kind of took a turn before I could get back on. On the days we have an earlier start to the day, I can easily fit in at least 6-10 miles before work and I can go on it when we're catching up on the DVR at night.

What I did well this week: I changed up things to try to break through nearly-stalled weight loss.

Motivation for this week: Try to hold onto as much of the weekend weight loss as possible. Get back to feeling 100% so I can exercise again.
Now for my avatar visual (courtesy of My Virtual Model):


Alright, we have a family reunion next week and there's really no way for me to know where or what we'll be eating. Any strategies? Throwing caution to the wind isn't an option and I will quickly tire of salads (plus sometimes, they're worse than getting something that sounds far more appetizing), I don't do mobile apps (though I admittedly see their usefulness for this sort of thing), but maybe eat light for one meal a day, normal for one, and in-between for the third?


  1. Hey, found your blog through HeirtoBlair. I just stared a weight loss journal once a week and lost 20 pounds... I still have a long ways to go but reading your post was AWESOME motivation. You are doing it... Puts a big smile on my face that maybe I can too. Good luck on the last 16, you are so close!

  2. Thank you so much! I definitely think having a public blog really helped me be accountable and want to stay on track. You can do it! Be sure to celebrate the small victories and goals--that helps to have stepping stones to get to your ultimate goal. Good luck to you--you're doing awesome. Keep it up!