Twinks Gets Fit...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today we will get an early start to the day.
Today I will feel the sun on my shoulders,
as well as the straps of a backpack in place of a diaper bag.
I will go without makeup, but apply a good amount of sunblock to myself and to my fair-skinned Little.
I will bravely go stroller-less, opting to either chase around a toddler
or carry her, either in my arms or on my shoulders, which she loves either way.
I will try to convince a toddler almost as stubborn as myself to wear a hat, if not her sunglasses.
I will encourage her to dip her hands in the water and wait for the slippery soft skin of a sting ray to brush by,
and hope she learns to love the smell of salt water, even with a tinge of fishiness, as much as me.
We will spin round and round and Little will get to ride on a lion, a gorilla, or shark...or perhaps all three.
I'll make any number of animal sounds and a select few, she'll find amusing.
We'll run through caves and under waterfalls.
We'll have a picnic.
I'll make an effort to not inhale long enough to let Little get up close with some farm animals...
and put aside my fear that one may charge...
We'll visit Little's old friend, the baboon.
Then I'll likely drive home in a quiet truck with my sweet little girl sleeping in her car seat, mouth ajar, cheeks pink from an active morning.
There will likely be a short tantrum or two in the mix, but you know what?
It still sounds like an awesome way to spend a Tuesday.

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