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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a long friggin' road, this weight loss "journey" of mine.

It has been close to a year since I started actively losing weight. I was going back through my logged weights and noticed something:

Slow and steady is really sloooow.

Here's the monthly breakdown:
6/10 -8 lbs
7/10 -5 lbs
8/10 -5 lbs
9/10 -6 lbs
10/10 -5 lbs
11/10 -3 lbs
12/10 -4 lbs
1/11 -3 lbs
2/11 -4 lbs
3/11-5 lbs
4/11 -3 lbs

I am shocked that I have persevered to be honest. I see patterns where I caved in and lost momentum entirely for awhile. I can remember the plateaus, but I see how my weight stayed the same and I kept pushing until each little wall came down and the scale reflected it.

I need to push to get through these last 20 odd pounds. (Still annoying that I was at close as 16-17 during that stomach bug. Bleh.) I also need to be realistic. I need to push myself. I also need to realize that I'm probably not going to barrel through and be at goal weight in 2 months. Lately I've been in the 3-5 lbs per month rate. That's irritatingly slow considering the mileage I'm putting on my tennis shoes. The whole idea of WW is to eat real food and deal with real life situations and choose smarter rather than eating only specific things and being given no real options when "safe foods" aren't available. I get it. I do. I could step it up and really try to tackle it, but then I wouldn't be able to continue at that level long-term. Now I appreciate the fact that my mindset is completely different than a year ago and that I didn't use a quick fix, but really...

are we there yet?

Oh and I plan to use my monthly weight losses in my own version of "Put the Weight Back On," as seen on Biggest Loser every season...maybe in June.

Speaking of which, FINALE TONIGHT. So stoked.

4 reasons tonight is awesome:
1-Date with the Hubs
3-Jack Sparrow
4-Biggest Loser finale--the Hubs offered to skip #3 so I'd be able to watch the finale (and not have to avoid news and social media outlets for the next 24 hours)...what a good man I married.

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