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Monday, May 23, 2011

McFatty: Part Deux

Since this week we're traveling and traveling is infamous in Biggest Loser for causing very low weight loss numbers and even gains, to try to counteract this, I will:
-Bring the Klean Kanteen everywhere. I'll down at least one on the drive to the airport and refill it before we get on the plane. My drink of choice on the plane will be, you guessed it, water. Same on the return flight. I'll tote it wherever we go and continue to track how much I'm drinking.
-I will make educated food decisions. I will fill up on veggies first when in doubt of point values.
-I will keep healthy snacks on me for outings so I can keep my metabolism working.
-I will leave my activity points alone prior to vacation (and therefore not dip into weeklies either)
-I will not feel compelled to cave into splurges because everyone else is eating something.
-I will have a good time without having to eat certain kinds of food.
-I will continue to track/write down what I eat.
-I will take naps with Little, as it's unlikely I'll be getting quality sleep at the very full timeshare and sleep is necessary for weight loss.

Also, because I need it, a list of current reasons why I want and need to lose the weight:
-To feel good and confident about myself.
-To be healthy and to cut my risks for different conditions and diseases. I will do everything in my power to be around for as long as possible for Little.
-To influence my family to be healthier.
-To be a good role model for Little. I will not be the "do as I say, not as I do" type of parent when it comes to eating good food. On one kids' menu, they offered mac & cheese with a side of fries. Umm, really? That's pathetic.
-To be fit.
-To have more energy. To be able to keep up with Little as she grows up and plays sports.
-To help fight off the skin condition I have that is worsened by carrying around extra pounds. It's not a cure, but it should help.
-To enjoy shopping.
-To never fear the scale again.
-To be able to say how much I weigh and be proud about it.
-To not dread having my photo taken.
-To feel the sense of accomplishment of finishing something I started.

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