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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Der. That's what child locks are for.

I got "Jack" the Explorer a couple of months ago. It didn't really occur to me to activate the child locks on the windows since Little couldn't reach. A couple weeks ago, the Hubs mentioned putting them on because Little loves to rest her foot up on the door. Suggestion noted, but of course, it slipped my mind.

Until yesterday.

I had just done the "Little exchange" and was pulling out of the parking lot. The a/c had been cranking for several minutes, but I started to question if it was working because it suddenly felt really warm. I usually shut down the center air vents in the front to blast the rear air more so I turned around to feel the airflow from the back vents. Cold, but I noticed the rest of the back seat felt even warmer than the front. Then I saw it.

Little had used her feet to stomp on the window control and had rolled it all the way down.

Mind you, I have window shades on both rear windows and it was also lodged deep inside the door, thus preventing the window controls from working. Since we were already on the road and there wasn't a great place to pull off safely(and it's less than 10 mins home), we road with the a/c blasting and the rear window down. Not exactly energy-efficient, but Little enjoyed the breeze...for awhile. Then, when we were almost home, stuck at a stoplight, I snapped this photo of my less than amused little girl.

The car was reading 107 degrees for the outside temp.

Mommy FAIL. Well, Little was fine. She laughed at me while I tugged and bargained with the up/down window switch, but I managed to dislodge the window shade and the window seems to be working okay. Child locks are engaged and we will not have a repeat of this incident.

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