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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When "big" is actually small.

I have a small frame.

This is according to the wrist measurement method and the finger wrapping method.

This discovery came after my bestie Sherry asked about figuring out her frame size. I decided to find my frame size as well. I've talked about how being tall has always made me feel big. Huge actually. Imagine my surprise when I'm suddenly being told I'm small [framed].

Kind of changes my perspective. A little. It also brings up the issue of whether my goal weight is good enough.

In a word? Yes. That said, I had it in my head from the beginning of all of this that I would re-evaluate once I reached it and I'd probably lose a little more beyond that. My current plan is to reach goal and then work on toning and improving my fitness level. Increase my endurance. Run a 5K. Build more lean muscle and try to tighten up. All of this is likely to shed more weight and lose more inches, but it's not my focus right now. I don't want to take away from my feeling of accomplishment when I hit goal weight, but that will mark the start of a new focus and a new goal: To really get fit. Ideally, I'd like to actually be 5-15 pounds below my current goal weight when all is said and done.

BUT, for now, I have my goal to reach. Despite the setback of gaining last week (perhaps the two 4-lb weeks made my body freak out a little bit), I'm charging forward and reaching for that goal. I lost the 1.6 pounds I had gained for last Monday. It's still realistic for me to reach my goal weight by my current goal date (end of August). I haven't liked goal dates much in the past, but I figure at this point in the game, it's enough of a nudge to push myself a little bit more. Considering this past weekend was a getaway weekend for the Hubs and myself and I indulged in daiquiris, didn't log in my calories (but was still conscientious) and opted for fries instead of a salad with lunch (total conscious decision), I don't consider just making up for last week's weigh-in too shabby.

I haven't checked in with my measurements in awhile so here we go--since last June:
Waist: -7 inches
Hips: -8 inches
Upper thigh: -6 inches
Upper arm: -1.5 inches

Kind of wish I had done more measurements to start, but oh well.

Fittingly, I saw this over on Pinterest (my new obsession, thanks to my SIL :) )...

I can assure you how true this statement is. A little over a year ago, I weighed about 60 lbs more than I do right now. I made a decision to start something and lose the weight. Slow and steady. The healthy way. I wanted to feel better about myself.

God, I'm glad I started. I'm so thankful that it finally clicked. I'm so thankful I did something. I'm so glad to be this far along with my weight loss.

Alright, so the answer to the poll of how much I weighed in this photo...
57% said 121-130...

Actual weight:

138. Children's BMI of 20.4 and in the 65th percentile.

Perfectly healthy, but once again, when I asked Deanna to vote, we ran into the issue of perspective and how our frames of reference really vary. To refresh, Deanna is 5'1", I'm 6'0". We're in entirely different weight classes--our healthy weight ranges don't even cross. When I asked her to guess my weight in that photo, she guessed 105-110 lbs at the heaviest. When I told her 138--actually, a few months earlier and an inch shorter, I weighed in at about 149, though that was the awkward 6th-7th grade phase--her eyes just about bugged out of her head. To her 138 is really heavy. To me now, it's at the very bottom of my healthy weight range. At the time, it was totally healthy. Interestingly, the winner of Biggest Loser, Olivia, is 5'9" and her finale weight was 132.

Oh and I'm easing into telling Deanna my current weight. Because it's not 138. I did, however, tell the Hubs my "number." That's a big step--I can purge my soul to him, he's my best friend in the world, but I didn't want him to know my weight. When I was pregnant, I made him look away when he came with me to the doctor's office. I whispered it to the nurse when she asked for the anesthesiologist who would be administering my epidural. I was embarrassed. Now I'm not. I'm not entirely used to my current weight though. I was jotting down my current and ultimate goal weights and I miswrote it. I typed it in wrong to my weight loss ticker. I'm always making myself gain at least 10 pounds. In my mind, I have to correct myself even more.

It's a process. Eventually my brain will readjust, my eyes will (hopefully) be kinder on my mind and body, and the old wounds that left me feeling inferior and almost victimized will no longer reopen as easily.

For now, I have a new number on my wrist, my pilates DVD sitting next to my laptop ready to go, my tennis shoes leaning against the stationary bike waiting for our date tonight, and my motivation to finish strong driving me on.

“I changed my mind and I believe in myself.” --Hannah, Biggest Loser Season 11

P.S. McFatty Monday next week will again take place on Tuesday.

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