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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In 6 more pounds, it shall be mine...

I'm a fairly laid back person, but I will admit to having some Type-A, control freak tendencies. I like to organize and plan things and this is just the thing to help me:

Behold, the momAgenda Home Office Edition. It's a bit bulky, but it's spiral ringed, which I love, and it will hold everything--every schedule, plan, note I can think up. I might switch it up and go for the more compact Desktop edition, too.

The next edition is for the academic year so it starts in August and ships 7/1. I should be able to meet my goal in 6 lbs to be able to order it soon after and I am stoked. I'm really getting into finding organizers and things that make life simpler. I soo look forward to converting to one organizer. (Though I like the reminders in Outlook, I get more satisfaction from being able to write in something.)

Now. Turquoise, hot pink, or zebra?

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