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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stuff I'm digging

a) artificial grass for our side yard. We have a goal of having the side yard remodeled and grass installed by the Fall. Low-maintenance, child friendly, and an excuse to spend more time outside when it cools down? Love it.
b) Camelbak bottle for kids. I really want to get Little an insulated stainless bottle like my Klean Kanteen, but they don't have that variety with child-friendly lids and it'd be pretty heavy for her at this point.
c) Rollercoaster ride-on car. This is high on the want list for Little for when it gets cooler. She would love it.
d) Alphabet magnets for the fridge--Little loves her bath letters and she's always hanging out in the kitchen so it might be a good purchase...and they can move up to the playroom once we get a board or surface they can go on.
e) momAgenda planner I talked about yesterday
f) art easel for the kiddo--it has a magnetic side, which would be great. I think she'd like having her paper up on the easel, but I'd have to check the height.
g) one of the things I'm absolutely getting for fall/winter once I hit goal weight? A brown [faux] leather moto jacket a la Kate Beckett on Castle.
h) totally goofed and put 2 H's. h-1: I Know a Rhino--arguably Little's favorite book. 9/10 times reciting it will calm her down, she will have us read it to her 10 times in a row and ask for an 11th time, and she applauds at the end of it. The illustrations are really adorable, too. h-2: The Hubs and I will be getting away for a couple of nights to a beautiful resort that has this pool. Not too shabby.
i) Big Island, here we come!
j) Little's first trip to Disneyland. We'll prepare ourselves for toddler sensory overload and the Hubs will likely ride the new Star Tours ride 37 times.
k) Thirty-one and their line of utility totes and organizers and insulated totes. The catalog is full of really pretty, very practical stuff.
l) Curious George. This monkey renders our Little into a trance-like state even in her fussiest moments. She will go from meltdown state to giggling in no time flat. We won't overuse this method, but my goodness is it a Godsent when we really need good ol' George.

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