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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's talk Avalanche.

So it's official: Roy was offered the head coaching position and after mulling it over, he decided against it.

I believe this is a good thing. One word: Gretzsky. Here Gretzsky was "The Great One," just a marvel of athletic ability and skill and he is a shameful excuse for a coach...and overpaid to boot. Great player does not = great coach. Now Gretzsky still has his player stats and he will forever be idolized for his years as a player, but I can't help but think he would have been better off just staying out of the spotlight. Also, if you go to a Coyotes game there are countless fans sporting an autographed (and mustard stained) Coyotes Gretzsky jersey.

Now, Roy is already coaching a minor league team up in Canada, but I would say that's different than making a highly-publicized return to the NHL. Whether he would be a positive or negative influence on the Avs is hard to say. Perhaps a goalie would make a better coach because they have a different perspective on how the game is played than any other player on the team. Okay, but Roy is also extremely arrogant. Is that a good personality fit for the current team anyways?

There are other players I think have more of a coaching style personality than Roy. Sakic, for example. He's consistent, he makes the plays that are best for the team, and he doesn't strike me as being the least bit full of himself. If a player was going to make a transition to a coaching position, I think he's a much better fit.

So for the time being anyways, Granato will remain the Avs coach. I'm pretty happy about this. I feel like since picking up the title of Head Coach since Coach Q's exit, he hasn't had a healthy team to really show what he can do. Our injured roster this season was just sad. I hope and pray that the summer isn't incredibly active as far as trades go. I think the team we have is great. They just need to stay healthy so they can build the chemistry of their lines. Defense could definitely use some practice. Liles can't do it all on his own guys.

There are a few players I know won't go anywhere, but several others I'm concerned about and would be genuinely upset about if they were traded.

To the Avs head honchos: Stay away from my goalie.

Now, related to the Stanley Cup playoffs...unfortunately the annoying, egotistical, Angelina Jolie-lipped Crosby is heading to the finals. For that reason, I choose to cheer against the Penguins. Unless there is a spectacular comeback by the Blackhawks, it seems the Wings will be the likely opponent. I will "Woohoo!" and high-five when the Wings score just for the sheer pleasure of watching Crosby lose, however, I will not officially cheer for the Wings. This is not because of resentment over the Wings or trying to fire up the old rivalry. I got nothing but love (well, maybe I won't go that far), but I do respect the team a lot. They are a force to be reckoned with. (despite the fact that the Avs, injured as they were this season beat them 3 out of 4 games, hehe) I respect their style of play. There are teams I dislike with much more intensity ::coughWildcoughCanucks:: No, the reason that I will not officially cheer for the Wings is that every, and I do mean every time during the playoffs and even before that I watched a game that didn't involve my beloved Avalanche, the team I cheered for LOST.

That said, if the Hawks somehow manage to come back from being down in the series 3-1, I reserve the right to cheer quite enthusiastically against the Wings ;)

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