Twinks Gets Fit...

Monday, June 1, 2009

To think, I used to wonder...

what the fuss was all about with Twilight. I mean, people were obsessed. It's a dude in pale makeup and lipstick and bushman eyebrows, people. Seriously.

Then I saw it.

And I understood...and nearly cried when the DVD was not burnable. Not really. I would neeeever do that--Cry over it or actually do the DVD burning.

I'll eventually buy it so no need to cry and I have people for that ;)

I did, however, understand the fascination with Edward. There's just something endearing about him.

When I heard there was a change in the wind for the second movie/book (I haven't cracked one of the books yet, but figure I might down the road) where Edward leaves and Bella starts dating Jacob, I have to admit, I was disappointed. I didn't really warm up to him in the first movie and the long hair thing just doesn't do anything for me.

Then I saw this today. The official trailer.

His hair is cut and he is suddenly big, strong protector man--er--wolf.


I believe I'll be heading to the theatres with all the addicts opening week. I might even start on the books. I could use some summer reading :)

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