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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do I really like organization this much?

My current to-do lists include:

To Do List for before Kaelyn arrives
To Buy List for Kaelyn
To Do List for before I start Maternity Leave

I also have to-do lists for my to-do lists and a phone-based calendar where I put in reminders for the things on my to-do list I intend to do on a specific day (my phone beeps like it's going to self-destruct until I view said reminders). In addition, I have crazy amounts of bookmarks on my computer for websites that will help me complete my to-do lists. These include recipe sites for make-ahead and freezer recipes, sites with instructions for how to care for cloth diapers, how to clean the washing machine (I actually did this last week), even resources for when Kaelyn's a little older for activities, crafts, etc. I also have bookmarks for where I've found gear for Kaelyn the cheapest.

I should also mention my to-do/to-buy lists are stored on a jump drive that I take with me everywhere so I can update it on any computer. There is also a color-coding system involved.

I'm currently going through my work to-do list getting folders together, calendars made up, checklists done to help my coworkers through the steps of my job...all in tremendously obsessive detail.

This is for 3 main reasons:
  • Perhaps they'll finally realize just how much work I actually do. Not that it'll make a difference.
  • All the details are right there. There shouldn't be any questions about anything. Even the not-so-savvy one won't have any excuses.
  • I can remain blissfully out of the loop for 12 weeks and prevent panicked phone calls from coworkers during my leave.
Why am I enjoying the organization process of this so much? Yes, I'm a Virgo. Yes, we generally like organization, but really?

You know, it sounds neurotic and control-freakish, but I think organization makes me calmer. I think I mentioned before, but it makes me feel better when I have a huge list of things to do to have time tentatively allotted to get everything done. It makes it less necessary to breathe into a paper bag out of panic. I can get it done. Then I can relax a bit.

Perhaps it's also the thrill of the reward of having 12 weeks with our little munchkin. Yes, likely there will be lack of sleep, lots of spit-up, some screaming, diaper blowouts, and other surprises the learning curve of being a new parent provides, but I can hardly wait because in all that chaos, I also get to snuggle my baby anytime I want.

Oh, I must add this. Perhaps organization is a requirement considering how spacey I have become. I was just talking to Brady on the phone and he was telling me about how for Black Friday, he might go to Walmart instead of Best Buy for Blu-Rays because they have them in their ad for cheaper. Not two minutes later, I proceeded to tell him how I read that Walmart had threatened to sue any website that leaked the ads early so I guess we're going to have to wait until Thanksgiving to see their ad.

This is what prompted my dear husband to issue me a new nickname or two. Ah yes, happy to entertain him as always. Seriously, I have no memory and very few brain cells to work with at the moment. Be nice to me.

So now I return to Excel spreadsheets and Word document checklists so that my coworkers are overly prepared for my absence...and to pass the time. I wonder what I'll do when it's all done and I still have 3 months to go? Prepare a Powerpoint presentation perhaps? ::raises eyebrow coyly:: Hey, don't put it past me.

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