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Friday, November 20, 2009

MommySox review: Athletic socks

I was so stoked in the midst of my first bout of "Shrek feet" to stumble upon MommySox. The reviews all seemed to be positive and I felt hope that these would help me reclaim normal-proportioned feet. I quickly ordered two pairs. I decided to try the athletic ones with treads for at home, that go up just over the ankle and a black pair of the originals that are almost knee-high.

I would have liked to get delivery sooner, as I was desperate for some relief, but not desperate enough I suppose to upgrade standard shipping to expedited. I ordered on a Thursday and received them the following Thursday. (Standard shipping was $4.95)

As soon as Brady presented me with the package, I tore into it and dug out the athletic socks to try out. Perfect timing, as I had worked a very long day sitting at my desk and then made a few stops on the way home. Shrek and Donkey were trying to seize the opportunity to make a comeback. I slipped them on and they were pretty comfortable. They didn't have the compression socks feel I was expecting. They are tighter around the middle of the foot, for arch support perhaps. I went about my evening, split between doing laundry, having dinner, and propping my feet up to watch TV. Oh, just a side note, Brady pointed out right away that the symbols on them (I ordered the blue version--pictured is the pink) looked like the Walmart symbol and you know what, he's right, so every time I looked down at my feet I think of Walmart. I'm not sure how I feel about that, hehe

Just as we were turning in, I decided to take them off to see the results. Plus, I have a hard time sleeping with socks on. As I took off the left one, I started to see an indent in the middle of the top of my foot. This would be wear the arch support had been. The areas around were swollen with fluid. I laughed and pointed it out to Brady. Yes, the $9.95 socks were successful at diverting any fluid in my feet to parts of my foot that had been covered by looser parts of the sock. Not exactly what I was expecting and I kept thinking of how I had paid $10 for a single pair of socks, but had debated in TJ Maxx earlier about spending $5 for 3 pairs.

Yes, so as far as the athletic MommySox are concerned, I'm not entirely thrilled with them. Today I have the ultra attractive knee-highs on and they do seem to fit the bill a little more as compression socks and I have more confidence that they'll help. They are, as expected, tight, as to promote better circulation and to prevent fluid from building in one spot. I'm sort of expecting big ol' fat toes at the end of the day because that part of the sock is loose, but I'll know more in 5 or 6 hours. Without having the hard evidence (or squishy in this case), my initial assessment is that I think the original design makes better sense.

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