Twinks Gets Fit...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have to throw this out there.

This groundhog weather prediction business has perplexed me for many, many years and I'm finally going to question it.

Now, I'm not questioning a rodent predicting the weather. Animals are very good at sensing natural phenomenons after all. I just think we're not interpreting what Phil whispers in the ears of the Gobbler's Knob elite correctly. Perhaps they have a dollar store version of the English/Groundhogese know, sort of like how they offer a U.S. map with South Dakota where South Carolina should be.
Tell me, how does it make sense that seeing ones shadow=more winter?

To me, shadow=sunlight. Sunlight=warmth, spring, etc.

No shadow=overcast, winter storm, snow.

Historically, Punxsutawney Phil has earned 37% accuracy. That's obviously worse than the Weather Channel folks, though it's not surprising. They will refuse to make the bold statement that there is 100% chance of rain when it is, in fact, raining outside. Believe me, I lived in Florida for many years. They could have one of their people out there in a bright orange rain slicker and an umbrella, practically getting blown away by the wind and rain from the eye of a hurricane...palm trees are literally bending and cracking in the background...and the forecast will come up: 60% chance of rain.

So for Phil to make such a bold prediction is obviously going to cost him in the accuracy department. That said, if I'm correct and the Gobbler's Knob people have just been tossing back too much on the ol' flask before yanking the poor little guy out of his fake tree stub, then he actually has 63% accuracy. Then again, they are professionals...

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