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Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking it literally one day at a time.

Home is where...

my heart is for sure, as long as Little and the Hubs are there. It's also where:

I make baaad food choices.

I overeat.

I don't track my points.


This week I was doing really well--I was eating a lot more veggies, I was choosing better snacks. Like edamame, which despite being really great for you, isn't 0 points like most veggies. With the protein and fiber punch, it comes with 2 WW points per cup of pods. Even so, it was a better choice to say, nothing (which is my usual) or say, a bag of chips. I'm learning to eat more frequently, but I think the next step is that I need to realize when I do that, I need to eat less every time I eat. Makes sense.

Anyway, I did pretty well during the workweek. I seem to have more restraint, or maybe I just don't have as many options or am too busy to hit the fridge too often. Home is another situation. I realized this past week that my downfall is when I make food for Kaelyn. I munch. I nibble. I probably down a lot of calories I don't remember later when I go to log my food in the WW tracker. It's clear to me how I could easily put on 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds doing this. This is a HUGE problem that I need to address and these are habits I need to change.

Now. This week I lost a measly 1/2 pound. I'm not happy about that. at. all. Yes, I know it's weight loss, but I'm so tired of feeling stuck in this couple pound weight range. It feels like a wall and the worst part is that I keep reinforcing the wall on myself. I am my own biggest obstacle. That stops now.

Blair had a good point in her post today about starting fresh every day with my dedication to weight loss. Start each day by committing to following my plan for the next 24 hours. That way I get through the day and I reach a goal every day. Each day, that task is completed so it's not just hanging out there, much like my ultimate weight loss goal. I'm going to use that this week. See if I can work on my mental game. I'm also going to be working on my activity level this week. Last week, I seized the rare opportunity to get overtime, but this week, my lunches are back and I will be a-walking. WW allows members to trade activity points for food points--so literally "Will walk for food"--but I don't want to do that. I'd like to have a big week. Again, that's not my focus. My focus today will be: --Drink plenty of water --Walk for at least 45 mins at lunch --Eat smart. Tomorrow I shall rinse and repeat, adding in a morning jog or pilates workout. Right now though, I have a max of 14 hours before the goal for today is met.

I can do 14 hours.

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