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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Jack :)

So the Hubs and I have pondered swapping my car for something else for quite some time. It's been a great car, but it's never really felt like me, it was a little loud and rattly on the highway, and there were a couple features it was missing that we really wanted: #1: Rear air. Since we live on the face of the sun, it's a good idea to have, especially for our Little. #2: Bigger. Yes, I've been told "Big isn't always safer," but we did look at safety ratings to help us make this decision. I really wanted something a little bit higher off the ground, a little--tougher.

Before: The Vue.

Now: Jack!

Not new, but very very nice, with just about every feature you could think of, which I was not expecting to be able to get, including:

-Eddie Bauer edition (thus the nickname, 24 fans)
-3rd row
-Rear air
-6 disc CD changer
-air and stereo controls on the steering wheel
-heated & AIR-CONDITIONED seats. Dude.
-dual air up front--so the Hubs, who likes to freeze can have his settings for his side, I can have my side a little more mild
-dual driver side seat and mirror settings. Again, I have my settings and the Hubs has his for when he drives. With the press of a button, everything goes back to where I had it without constant readjustment. Actually, this is hooked up to our individual remote keyless entry buttons. I have mine so when I hit unlock, the seat and everything goes to my settings and if the Hubs uses his remote, it goes to his. What a smart idea.

He's really a beauty. Runs smooth and drives tight. A few minor cosmetic blemishes, but I don't care. That's what a little touch-up paint is for. I have a loyalty to Ford trucks since my first car was an Explorer Sport so I'm really happy to get back in the driver's seat of one!

The best part? Still no payments :) Actually we bought it for less than we sold the Vue for--scoooore.

I seriously LOVE my truck. It's exactly what I wanted. Thanks go to the Hubs for making it all happen and for going on some scary test drives w/ potential buyers, including the actual buyer who wanted to test out the anti-lock brakes.
I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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