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Friday, May 20, 2011

(Happy?) Friday

The Hubs snapped this photo of myself and Little this morning in the garage (obviously). She was anxious to get going and didn't even want to give her poor momma a hug goodbye. (Ordinarily she'll throw a mega tantrum when I so much as leave the room, but seems to do better when she's the one who leaves me. Huh.) I had to scoop her up to claim a hug and smooch and as you can tell, she's like "Yeah Momma, uh-huh, bye already. I have places to go." I can't really blame her--she has a blast at Nada's house.

The other thing that cracks me up is the hair color difference. Sometimes I don't think she looks a thing like me, but we were flipping through baby photos this week to send in for our upcoming family reunion and I kept picking up photos of myself, showing them to the Hubs and asking dumbfounded: "Does Little look like me?" Some of the facial expressions were identical and one in particular of me sleeping in my crib easily could be her.

Ah and the wild hair? Hair clips continue to be a no-go and the Hubs has strongly objected to a pony tail on top of her head, or "Dr. Seuss" hair, as he calls it :) I'm going to maybe pick up different clips that seem to be more secure so she can't pull them out as easily. As far as my wild hair? Yeeeah, brushes are over-rated ;)

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