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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I cheated on WW with MFP

My own form of "code." Translation: I cheated on Weight Watchers with My Fitness Pal...

...and I liked it.

To recover from my awful breakfast decision and to appease my OCD, planner tendencies so that I can relax and enjoy the remainder of the day knowing there is, in fact, a plan in place and all is not lost (I'm being melodramatic here, of course):

With my exercise today, I'm still looking at a calorie deficit, too, which is definitely good to see. I should point out that typically I eat several times a day and space out my food. I did that with lunch today--1/2 wrap after my walk/run and I'll eat the other half shortly.

Still. ::cringes at carb and fat totals:: Holy CRAP. I had that much FAT for breakfast? I'll have to log my food for a more typical day to show this is very very abnormal for me.

So I innocently logged my food choices and noticed a little button at the bottom of the page telling me to click once I had logged all my food for the day. So I did and up popped this message:

The part I edited out? 5.5 pounds from goal. So MFP, you're telling me that if I continue like today, which started off so horribly, I would be 5ish pounds away from goal by June 23rd when my current goal for that date is 6-7 pounds heavier than your claim?

Well. You seductive little siren you.

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