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Monday, July 18, 2011

Non-scale victories

Some unsolicited advice for those at the start of their weight loss journey? Take photos. I know it's not fun, but you will be so grateful for that when you're further along and can see the changes for yourself. Take some in your skivies, too (but probably not a good idea to post those), to really see the difference in some of those problem areas. I say this because I wish I had taken more photos and more measurements to start off. It's really difficult to see the difference when you're in the middle and the changes are happening slowly. But they're happening. Photos help to remind you of that.

Another thing is to take measurements. Measure your natural waist, your hips, your upper thigh, your calf, your ankles, your wrists, your upper arm, your bust.

There's a thing on MFP called NSV. It took me a little Googling to figure out what that stood for. It's "Non-Scale Victories"--looking at photos and seeing a difference qualifies, as does continuing to lose inches. Basically, any extra motivation and encouragement you can get is a huge help during the weeks when the scale isn't exactly cooperating.

I'm sort of in that place where my weight's not moving all that much. It fluctuated up 1-2 pounds throughout the week and settled back to just about where it was last week. I'm not complaining too much. I've lost just over 64 pounds. I'm below the weight I was when I was 16-17 years old. I'm about 10 pounds from my original ultimate goal weight (soon to be a stepping stone for my new ultimate goals). I see a big difference from my before pictures. I'm sort of waiting to reveal the true before/after once I hit goal, but it's hard to believe. We'll check in with my virtual model though. She's dressed more appropriately for summer and she's at the beach apparently. Lucky. haha

Before--64 pounds ago
So another NSV is noticing that the loose skin on my upper thighs--you know, that pesky problem area where the skin rubs together?--is shrinking up and there's actually a gap starting there. I'm having some loose skin issues in general, which is kind of annoying in that it conceals some of the progress I've made, but I'll take it over the option of having it filled out again. I think it'll just take time for my skin to catch up and I might always have some of it, but it is what it is.

Oh and my work clothes are getting seriously limited. The pair of pants I actually liked was getting to a frumpy level of bagginess and Friday, they actually started to fall down as I walked. I might need to invest in some pantyhose or tights :pant: and switch to skirts for awhile until I invest in my goal weight wardrobe. The only reason other pants are still managing to stay up is due to a spandex shapewear lining that I don't think qualifies as shapewear anymore. It's great that things aren't fitting (for the right reasons), but it's just an awkward phase right now. Yes, I'm too cheap to get some in-between clothes for the next month or so :)

Anyway, I did a lot better fitting in pilates last week and I want to get at least 3 sessions on the bike this week, even if my legs hate me for it. I'm like 0 for 10 with planning to get in some weight training, but I'm going to make it a goal to do at least one session this week. Attainable goals are key I guess.

Anyways, that'll do it. Not a whole lot to report. Just truckin' along. On to the next week!

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